J845N Tandum Development Project

Kenya, Africa

The Situation

Kenya is a country in East Africa with a population of nearly 40 million people made up of over 40 different tribes and people groups. On the Human Development Index, Kenya rates 128 out of 167 which puts it in the lowest category.

 Kenya is a country that is around 70% semi-arid or arid. Due to this nearly every year there are droughts, famine or parts of the country recovering from this. The human toll is devastating and affects millions of people negatively every year. Currently basic

commodities have also risen with many prices going up over 20% which is impacting the entire country

Not getting enough food or having access to clean drinking water affects everyone in Kenya in some way. It affects people by not having enough energy to work or go to school. Many children miss school repeatedly because there is not enough food at home and they may have to do odd jobs or look after smaller siblings so their parent/s can work. Children may also be forced into prostitution, factory, trafficked or other such work. This results in children not achieving enough marks to finish school and to look to further study or employment. It creates a vicious circle in many communities with nobody able to escape the poverty treadmill.

Tandum will be seeking to address the above issues by working primarily on food and water security.

The Objectives

  1. To provide greenhouses (and other agricultural projects such as water storage units) for schools and communities so that they can grow their own food and sell the surplus. To increase income and thereby reduce poverty amongst select communities of project location through
  2. To provide ongoing training and developing in business growth, training and microfinance development. This will enable people to increase their incomes and thereby reduce poverty, particularly amongst marginalised women and children within the slums of Nairobi and rural Kenya
  3. To provide items such as solar lighting, seed packs, water tanks etc. that will be used to develop individual families and their continued growth

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