J949 Growing Hope PJI

Laos, Southeast Asia

The Situation

The Growing Hope initiative (J949) with our partner Project Justice International will address the low income generation experienced by farmers from rural villages in northern Laos, and reduce the risk of trafficking posed to their children and youth as a result.

The Objectives

It will do this through three activities: an Agricultural Training Centre, an Accommodation Centre, and Microenterprise.

  1. Establish an Agricultural Training Centre outside of Luang Prabang, where local Laos families will gain the knowledge, skills and experience that is needed to effectively implement quality agricultural practices in their own communities and villages.
  2. Implement the accommodation component of our Agricultural Training Centre, children, teenagers and family members are provided with a quality living facility on site. This allows them to attend the Training centre for effective blocks of time, and allows the families to focus fully on the agricultural practices they are learning.
  3. The Training Centre incorporates a micro-enterprise aspect to its implementation. Local families will be assisted to implement their new knowledge in real-time, by growing, harvesting and selling crops to the local community.

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