J946N Laos Friends Paediatric Training

Laos, Southeast Asia

The Situation

Laos, while making progress, still has the highest child mortality rate in Southeast Asia (45.5 out of every 1,000 die before the age of 5) particularly in rural areas. Friends Without A Border opened in 2015 the ONLY Free pediatric hospital in the country and 100% privately funded.

The wage of a Lao Doctor costs an average of AUD$ 12,000. In comparison, the average salary of a doctor in Australia is AUD$ 300,000. Our staff treats over 30,000 children per year. The hospital is open 24/7 in three shifts. We have about 30 doctors currently. A doctor can treat up to 3000 patients, averaging a cost of AUD$ 4 per child.

The Objectives

  • Located in the northern part of Lao Laos Friends is the only pediatric hospital with a neonatal unit offering high-quality care, reaching out also to the hill country ethnicities.

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