J1028N Missionvale - Education, Health, Hope

South Africa, Africa

The Situation

Project J1028N Missionvale – Education, Health, Hope provides love, care and hope for the poor and destitute with particular emphasis on orphaned and vulnerable children as well as those living with HIV / AIDS.

The programs run as a part of this project include:

  • Education: Primary School, in addition to Basic Adult Education & Training
  • Skills Development: Communal vegetable garden & Crafters Unit
  • Health Care: Clinic, Women’s Clinic, Physiotherapy, Optometrist, Nutrition and Wellness Unit, HIV/Aids awareness, education, counselling & Caregivers
  • Caregivers provide
  • Home Based Care
  • Care for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children
  • Health Promotion
  • Youth Development: Academic Support, Literacy Programs, Psychological and Social Support, Human Rights, Sports, Arts & Culture

The Objective

  • To see a sustainable and harmonious community with access to health, well-being and educational services delivered with love and care that will empower and enrich the lives of local people.

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