J1197N African Angels Independent School

South Africa, Africa

The Situation

South Africa has one of the most unequal school systems in the world. Children in the top 200 schools achieve more distinctions in mathematics than children in the next 6,600 schools combined. The gap in test scores between the top 20% of schools and the other 80% is wider than any other country in the world. According to the OECD, South Africa’s education system ranks 75th out of 76 mainly rich countries.

Since 2012, African Angels has provided parents from low income families living in Chintsa East, a small seaside village in South Africa's Eastern Cape, with a quality primary school alternative for their children.  


The Objectives

African Angels seeks to re-balance the inequality of access to quality primary school education in Chintsa East, so children from low income families can access quality high school educational opportunities and change their future trajectories so education becomes their tool to break the cycle of poverty.

African Angels aspires to be long term, grass roots partners with parents, community leaders and activists to inform and guide other local projects.

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