J786N New Hope Education Initiatives

Kenya, Africa

The Situation 

Soweto slum is situated in Embakasi East Constituency, Nairobi County, Kenya, East Africa and has approximately over 200,000 people within the area. With incomes often being less than a dollar a day, many families are not able to pay school fees. Many children come from single parent families where a mother may support her children by collecting and selling plastics bags, food scraps from a rubbish tip that is situated a short distance from the school, or by pulling carts to transport goods.  With no government assistance of any kind, either for teacher salaries or education resources, sadly parents opt to take their children out of school when asked for school fees. Often, these children end up as beggars and thieves, or get involved in child labour or prostitution just to survive. Drug abuse and alcoholism is a huge problem.

The above reasons form the basis of our quest of coming up with solutions to help the situation. There is a need to provide clean water to the people to help deal with water related sicknesses. A good education centre with an academic environment will provide an opportunity for the children to secure their future through education.

The Objectives

  1. To eradicate illiteracy in 600 Soweto households by offering quality and affordable education to improve their livelihood

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