J775N Learning for Life in Kenya

Kenya, Africa

The Situation

Tenderfeet Education Centre is located in Kibera Village, Nairobi and aims to reduce poverty by ensuring a constant, consistent opportunity exists for students to complete school from pre-primary through to secondary education.

The program aims to reduce poverty and increase opportunity by ensuring a constant, consistent opportunity exists for students, especially female students, from pre-primary through to completion of secondary education.

The new project will build upon this by expanding the Kipepeo programme to complete the gap in education for ALL students, ensuring all at-risk boys and girls that start at Tenderfeet have access to free, quality education from pre-primary to the completion of secondary school.

This project will support this objective and Tenderfeet Education Centre to diversify, making use of available resources, and develop a range of income streams to ensure self-sustainability and decrease reliance on out-of-country sponsors. Self-sustainability will ensure longer term success of the Tenderfeet vision.

The Objectives

  1.  To break the poverty cycle for children through education
  2. To create a consistent harmonious educational pathway for children in poverty

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