J1129NE Lifewater for Ethiopia: Vision of a Healthy Village

Ethiopia, Africa

The Situation

Lifewater is a faith-based community health and clean water organization working to bring clean water, improved sanitation, and hygiene practices to the world’s most remote places. We won’t stop until every child has safe water. 

Lifewater’s program strategy is called Vision of a Healthy Village (VHV). Each program is adjusted for specific cultural and geographical contexts, but all programs have the same goal: to reduce WASH-related diseases and improve the health and wellbeing of children and families. To achieve this goal, we focus on WASH behavior change as well as construction of WASH infrastructure (water sources, ventilated improved pit latrines, and handwashing stations). Our comprehensive program strategy is rooted in evidence and best practices in WASH and community development.

Every two minutes a child dies from a preventable waterborne disease. You can change that.

The Objectives

  1. To increase access to safe water sources in 77 villages and 4 schools through appropriate technology and equipping of water committees 
  2. Mobilize 2,526 households in 77 villages to improve their hygiene and sanitation behaviours through the intensive support of local staff and community WASH Facilitators
  3. To equip 4 schools to improve school sanitation and hygiene through the provision of sanitation facilities and targeted behaviour change activities

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