Who helps the ‘cemetery people’ in the Philippines?

JCI! Global Development Group partner Joshua Care International (JCI) held a Christmas lunch on 14 November, 2015 to celebrate 10 years of partnership in project J357. More than 68 guests attended the event at Riverdale Park, Logan, including Global Development Group representatives, Ofelia Luscombe and Flora Chong.

Project Officer Flora Chong remembers, “Sharon Del Valle, founder of Joshua Care International, described her love for the Filipinos and how she was overwhelmed by the need she saw when she first visited the Philippines. For over a decade, the work of JCI has been assisting the poorest of the poor in the Bagumbuyan region, where many people call the local cemetery ‘home’. Children can be seen digging in the garbage nearby to find things to sell at the junk shop.”

Guests heard many touching stories of how JCI teams assist these underprivileged children and their families through rebuilding homes after the typhoon, education, health and medical care programs—including nutritional, hygiene and first aid education, as well as community awareness. “They also celebrated how a beneficiary graduated from university and is now employed as an accountant—no  longer the ‘cemetery kid’ who used to dig through rubbish around the dump!” Flora said.

The afternoon was not only filled with fun activities for parents and children, singing performances, competitions and prizes, but also filled with gratitude towards the generosity of supporters and joy in hearing the beneficiaries’ stories. Sharon also thanked her family for the years of support, especially her parents, including her 90-year-old father. “It was amazing to see how a local midwife turns into a world-changer!” Flora reflected.

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