What is workplace giving?

Workplace giving programs are quite common these days – and for good reason.  They allow employees to contribute a share of their pre-tax income to a charity of their choosing thereby minimising their tax-burden whilst simultaneously contributing to causes they’re passionate about.  Businesses benefit from workplace giving also, because – as research highlights – corporate social responsibility (CSR) is exceedingly important in attracting, engaging and retaining employees long-term (http://bit.ly/CSR_research). More and more we’re noticing employers include workplace giving as a component of their CSR activities and matching donations made by their employees.

We already have a significant number of large companies who arrange workplace giving for their employees directly with GDG. It’s simple, free, and there’s no need to engage costly third party wage solution providers. If the employer has an ‘Employee Donation Matching Program’ (or similar), then the employer can add up the donations given by employee(s) and match the total with the employer’s donation to GDG and maximise both the power of the donations, and the employer’s CSR impact! All that needs to happen is for the Payroll Office of an Employer to contact GDG directly to arrange Monthly or Quarterly transfers of employee donations withheld from their pay, and the matching company donation (if applicable). GDG can provide the required direct debit instructions on request.

In effect, employers can give their employees the option for ‘Workplace Giving’ direct to GDG, indicating a particular project preference, or to our highly regarded ‘where most needed’ (J050) or ‘emergency relief’ (J052) appeals.  For more information, or advice, email us on, info@globaldevelopment.org.au