Vanuatu: What’s happening now?

Now more than three months since Cyclone Pam hit Vanuatu in March, J738NR ‘LFTN Emergency Relief Project’ has provided emergency relief and shelter for families, more than 400 roof-kits, served more than 1,000 meals, daily, enabled schools to re-open, and is continuing to ship food and other supplies regularly to the Tanna Island communities.

Currently three shipping containers of personal and household items—blankets, linen, clothing, towels, kitchen and personal hygiene kits, baby supplies, etc.—are being sorted at in Port Vila and distributed to thousands of people. The thankfulness of communities as they receive their “family packs” is spontaneous and heart-felt.

Project J738NR is also replacing lost homes with secure, cyclone-safe houses. An economical house that is simple to fabricate and assemble has been designed. At least 200 of these homes will be constructed in North-west Tanna and other remote communities. Many will also receive water tanks.

Teams of Aussie men are also helping in Vanuatu, training in carpentry and construction, as well as working alongside the local Ni-Vanuatu in building the new homes, eager to get the job done.

Continuing to serve and transform the communities of Vanuatu requires huge effort and assistance by committed individuals in Vanuatu, Australia, and around the world.

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Other Global Development Group projects bringing relief and helping Vanuatu include:

‘J342N GDG Crossroads Development Assistance Project’ partner Crossroads ships containers of much-needed goods to the nation.

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‘J859 Cleveland High Cyclone Pam Relief Appeal’ is collecting donations to rebuild schools, kindergartens, village infrastructure and homes, particularly in Pango Village, Vanuatu.

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‘J51 Disaster Relief’ is also assisting in the ongoing relief effort.

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