Still much to be done in Nepal

1 July, 2015 – now two months since the earthquake

Since the earthquake struck just over two months ago, 8,786 people have reportedly died and eight million lives have been affected.

Global Development Group project J863N, in conjunction with World Food Program, has fed an enormous number of people since the disaster. During this next phase, food and cash assisting 1.15 million people will reach 12 of the severely affected and remote districts.

The project continues to help with recovery and livelihood rebuilding projects including providing temporary health clinics, community infrastructure, agriculture, social protection, disaster risk reduction, rehabilitation, health, education and nutrition.

*Photos provided by Marco Frattini and Zoie Jones (WFP)

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Project J870R has funded emergency food, water and shelter to several of the hardest hit regions, and made daily trips to Chautara and Gorkha, where the most horrific damage took place and the loss of life was extreme.

The second earthquake hit Chautara hard, once again, and almost every building that was still standing tumbled to the ground. Out of 2,200 houses in the area, 2,150 were destroyed or permanently damaged.

Restoring safe drinking water remains a priority. Project J870R has a life-saving water solution that it is currently being piloted in two villages before installation in other places. Community banks are also being set-up, where locals can apply to borrow small amounts to rebuild their livelihoods.

Project J870R is currently bringing relief to 85 Nepalese villages and communities.

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Project J537R  has seen school classes resume after being a centre for disaster relief after the initial earthquakes. The project continues to conduct counselling and trauma relief sessions to its community and is in the process of distributing individual student rehabilitation packages, including: a back-pack, water bottle, stationery goods, a uniform set, and sports equipment.

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Project J742NR Lighthouse Emergency Relief has teams in Nepal helping families with food, shelter, medical aid and financial assistance and continues to target communities in remote areas, including: Gorkha, Nuwakot, Sindhupalchok, Helambu, Bara, and Sankhu.

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 J342R Nepal Disaster Relief partnering with ‘Crossroads’ has been able to provide meals, tents for use as food distribution and reconstruction co-ordination centres, solar lamps and phone chargers, housing reconstruction and logistical support.

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Please help sustain and rehabilitate this devastated nation!