Solar power reaches remote India

Bihar Development project’ (J822N) is located in the land-locked state of Bihar, north-eastern India. Bihar is one of the poorest states of India and is crippled by a massive power shortage, with only 50% of the electricity demand provided by the State. Many villages struggle to exist without any electricity. The state government has drafted a new solar policy aimed at attracting investments and also to popularize the concept of solar power all over the state.

Bihar annually enjoys around 280 days of sunshine, which reflects tremendous scope for developing the use of solar energy. Eighty-five percent of the state’s residents are not connected to the electric grid and those who are connected often receive erratic service due to the lack of generating capacity. Daniya Village is a small village of 1000 in Bihar and has no electricity provisions.

This project aims to provide solar-powered electricity to 830 homes in four villages.  The goal by December 2014 was to complete installation of solar panels, three lights, one fan, and a power outlet to each of 170 homes in the village. Installations to 129 homes were completed by the end of June 2015.

‘Bihar Development project’ (J822N) enables the school to operate with lights and water; will attract teachers to the village who will now have electricity in their accommodation; improves the literacy of children as they are able to now study in the evenings, and the quality of life for families who will more easily complete domestic chores and enjoy more time together.

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