Social unrest raises new threat of starvation in Ethiopia

The current political crisis in Ethiopia has escalated to the point where many shops and hotels are closed, there are few cars on the road, and people are afraid to venture outside their homes. In many areas people are facing an increasingly imminent threat of starvation.

Global Development Group has set-up project ‘J918N Ethiopian Emergency Relief’ to provide much needed basic food supplies for those affected. Andrew Knife from project J251N ‘Grace Centre for Children’ in the Bahir Dar region, says that people will inevitably begin to starve as they are unable to go to work or shop for food.

“There are disturbing reports regarding people not even being able to leave their houses due to the presence of thousands of military personnel… It is a very disturbing situation overall and we are concerned about our friends and families and about the children in our care. Plans are being made for what to do to ensure the safety of the staff and children,” says Andrew.

“Our Social Services Coordinator has requested an injection of finances to be able to buy large quantities of basic food supplies, so as to enable them to be ready at a moment’s notice to provide assistance. We are in a very fortunate position to have developed good working relationships with the government agencies that we work with, and so ‘Grace Centre’ has been spared so far from any kind of oppression or restriction in this regard.“

Located in the town of Bahir Dar, project J251N endeavours to meet a broad range of needs affecting children, their families and the surrounding community. Project activities include education and vocational training for adults as well as children, a day care centre for mothers without extended family for support, a temporary centre for families who need short-term support through respite for their children, a clinic to provide health care and education for mothers and children, a transitional care centre for abandoned or truly orphaned children, and a facility for disabled adults.

Demonstrations in Ethiopia began in Oromia last November. Protests have begun to spring up in other regions. Human rights groups report that hundreds have already been killed in clashes.

If you would like to help build up a reserve for families facing starvation, please donate using the following:

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