Shaping a future for Malawi’s rural children

Malawi is one of the world’s most densely populated, least developed and poorest countries.  Most children leave school by age 11 and few make it through high school. Education is pivotal to breaking poverty in the nation.

Global Development Group project J395 ‘Malawi Neighbours Aid Community Project’ addresses this issue by providing education to poor communities and sustainable community development programs.

The project runs two primary schools at Samuti and Chickwawa, with over 350 children; and a high school currently under construction, where children from both primary schools will later attend. The school in Samuti also has a dormitory which caters for up to 70 orphans so they can attend school.

Seminars in nutrition, healthcare, AIDS, family-planning, first aid and child protection are held regularly and a medical clinic is also operated by the project, benefiting the entire community.

Sustainability is being worked towards through the successful agricultural program, with chicken, mushroom, maize, vegetables and fish farming. Not only do these activities provide a source of food and income, but vital employment and training opportunities for young people in the area. Vocational training in tailoring, welding, mechanics, carpentry and teacher training is also conducted. A hardware store has recently opened and is trading in Nchalo, Chickwawa, as an additional income-generating initiative.

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