Schools – In the jungle and on a rubbish dump

Monitoring projects in Indonesia

During March this year, South-east Asia Project Officer, Craig Tunney, and GDG Board Member, David Robertson, travelled to Indonesia to monitor three projects.

First stop:  J727N Kaliwesi Village Development , Semarang.

This project is a collection of relocated buildings in the Indonesian jungle used for teaching and tutoring classes for village children. This project aims to increase the self-esteem of the children and provide them with much needed education.

Second stop:  J773N Australia Oikos Care School, Jakarta.

After experiencing the Jakarta traffic and enduring a broken-down mini-bus, Craig and David finally made it to GDG project, J773N Australia Oikos Care School. It is a very well-run operation with small class sizes, motivated teachers and a solid, clean building with good tables and chairs. The school has such a good reputation for educating children in the community that there is a waiting list to attend.

Final stop:  J773N Australia Oikos Care School, Bantar Gebang.

The second part of Project J773N is a school located on a dump-site at Bantar Gebang. The GDG team commented on how “confronting” the dump-site was with “people combing through the mounds of plastic garbage bags for recyclables”.  The school, however, is doing a great work by providing education and a future for children in such a needy place. The school is well-built and equipped with good facilities. The teachers are energetic and the children are happy, organised and well-behaved.

Overall the trip to Indonesia was beneficial both for GDG and the projects visited. Relationships were deepened and knowledge and experience shared.

For further information or to give to these projects, please visit the ‘projects’ section of the website or email