Rescued from the rebels: Prisca’s story

A ‘night commuter’ in 2002, Prisca was one of many children in Uganda forced to hide in the night to avoid being killed or abducted by rebels. When other children returned home at dawn, Prisca remained.  She was forced to roam the streets of Kitgum, chased by her guardians for refusing to marry—she was 12-years-old.

Prisca was found by a worker from GDG project J746 IGF Education and Community Development’. Finally safe, Prisca excelled in the project’s primary and high schools. She then went on to complete five years of midwifery training.

At the age of 23 Prisca married, and later, gave birth to a beautiful daughter.

Today Prisca is a nursing officer at IGF, where she was rescued and cared for, and will soon serve as a midwife at project J746 maternity hospital, recently opened.

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