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J836NG EHA Shalom Delhi HIV/AIDS Medical Care Project.

India, Indian Subcontinent

Project Description

Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA) is an indigenous health care organization with 20 hospitals and 42 community health and development projects. Delhi, with a large migrant population, is considered a highly vulnerable state for HIV/AIDS. It is estimated that there are approximately 50,000 people living with HIV/AIDs (PLWHAs) in the city (HIV/AIDS scenario in Delhi – Statistics by the Government of India, 2007).

Through its Medical Care Program, Shalom runs a Health Centre which has an out-patient clinic, a 10 bed in-patient ward and a laboratory for basic investigations. This is staffed by 2 doctors, 6 nurses, and a lab technician. The Goal is to improve the quality of life of People living with HIV/AIDS in Delhi by providing access to compassionate, good quality and affordable medical care.


  1. Health Education of patients and their care-givers providing knowledge about the illness, what needs to be done for optimal health and adherence to medication.
  2. Provision of out-patient and in-patient medical and nursing care by qualified professionals for symptom control and management of infections, nutritional deficiencies, management of side effects and initiation of antiretroviral therapy for PLWHAs.
  3. Emotional support and counselling for patients and their care-givers to help them cope with their circumstances and build resilience.
  4. Making and communicating a follow-up treatment plan for patients at the time of discharge from the ward.
  5. Networking with other organizations working with PLWHAs or high risk groups for patient referral to the Health Centre.

 Desired Outcomes:

  1. Good quality medical care is provided during at least 1000 out-patient visits and 300 in-patient admissions of people with HIV/Aids in one year.
  2. At least 80% of the patients who are admitted in the ward have improved health at the time of discharge, and have received health education / counselling, emotional support and follow up treatment plan during their hospital stay.

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