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J833 MCF Capacity Building and Community Empowerment.

Africa, Kenya

Project Description

“Mully Children’s Family (MCF) Capacity Building and Community Empowerment Project” aims to provide holistic care and the rehabilitation of vulnerable children for eventual reintegration into Kenyan society. The end goal is to reunite these children with their respective families while ensuring a structured transition system for those who have no parents to enable them to adjust and articulate themselves comfortably within society and the economy.

This is being achieved through a myriad of community and youth empowerment activities such as psychosocial support for integration into rehabilitation programs, formal education, technical/vocational training, and agriculture. As a means of training, and additionally purposed for income generating activities, MCF is supplying chicken, fish and vegetables to the local community. They have obtained government contracts to supply produce to the military and are exporting French pins to the UK. MCF also employs well trained nurses, doctors and diagnostic technicians and dentists who not only supply the MCF children with care but also provide much needed health care for the local community.

MCF is guided in achieving its goals by the provisions and principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and the Kenya National Children’s Policy focusing in four key areas including Child survival, Child development, Child protection and Child participation. A new initiative implemented by MCF is a child protection desk at the local police station. Leading the way in Kenya, police are specially trained in workshops by MCF, which is improving the ability to handle and investigate sensitive Child Protection and Gender issues in the Yatta Sub-County Community Policing region. MCF is also protecting children by empowering them through mentorship and leadership development programs that educate through community based child care projects.

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