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J747 IGF Integrated Community Development Project.

Africa, Uganda

Project Description

The Irene Gleeson Foundation’s (IGF) Integrated Community Development Project aims to improve the quality of life and health of vulnerable people living in Kitgum and Lamwo Districts, in Northern Uganda.

Northern Uganda remains one of the poorest regions in Uganda, continuing to face challenges of poverty caused by lack of education, HIV AIDS, pervasive illness, and limited infrastructure and services. This is a result of over 20 years of armed conflict in the region, which ended in 2006.

As a multi-faceted community development project, the project activities carried out are diverse and numerous – designed to build the capacity of the target community and Change Children’s Worlds. Some of the project activities undertaken include providing quality pre-primary and primary education through the operation of 4 primary schools, vocational training programs (carpentry, tailoring, bricklaying, welding/fabrication), business qualifications (Certificate and Diploma level), and conducting community education radio programs through the IGF radio station.

The project also aims to implement a wide range of activities intended to improve the health and nutrition of children, provide better maternal health services to mothers and infants, and contribute to the provision of safe water supply sources. Some of the project activities conducted include the rehabilitation of existing boreholes, provision of health education programs, the operation of community and school health clinics and a Children’s Medical Centre for malnourished, orphaned or abandoned infants, as well as providing nutrition to all children in the pre-primary and primary schools.

This holistic project seeks to Change Children’s Worlds, through provision of education, nutrition, medical care, safe water, and protection from incidences of violence, abuse, and neglect.

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