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J736N Alluru Village Community Development Project.

India, Indian Subcontinent

Project Description

J736N Alluru Village Community Development Project believes that education is the key to elevating a person from the cycle of subsistence living to building a secure and sustainable future. Elementary education is only available to the children in Alluru Village, South India by travelling a considerable distance. This sees the absence and drop out percentages of children in school extremely high. This project is designed not only to provide safe housing, food, nutrition, health and education for the children, but also to improve the standard of living to all members of the local village. Employment opportunities for both local men and women will be sought out. Safe drinking water for the village all year round improving health outcomes, particularly in the cases of diarrhea will also be provided. The women’s health clinic will allow all women and mothers access to appropriate health information and care to improve the health of themselves and their families. Improved health and nutrition combined with the presence of a local school will improve the educational outcomes for all the children which, long term, will improve their ability to gain employment.

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