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J718 Anak Anak Bali.

Asia, Indonesia

Project Description

Anak Anak Bali is a multi-faceted development project aimed at improving the lives of disadvantaged children across Bali. The project operates under two umbrellas: Medical and Education services and a medical Care Centre.

Health and hygiene education is a critical part of the project, as a preventative development strategy. Through its Medical and Education services, the project provides health education to children across the island. In partnership with local schools and village authorities the team’s mobile medical clinic travels to remote villages to deliver vital medical treatments and health education. Education topics include Environmental Hygiene, Girls’ Health, Bullying, HIV/AIDS and Mental Health. The project also provides medical screening, treatment and education to many of Bali’s children’s homes.

In 2019 rural village children were surveyed about basic health awareness before the project began education with them. It was found that 46% of high school girls had no knowledge of menstruation before puberty, and only 45% had access to sanitary pads. Only 68% of students considered rubbish a health hazard, and 58% reported that their families still burn rubbish unsafely, rather than burying it. Only 22% said they would feel comfortable to confide in someone about depression or anxiety. These statistics show how desperately health education is needed across the island. The teaching J718 provides will mean the difference between good health and susceptibility to disease and school drop out for many students.

In Denpasar the project operates a medical care centre for children with medical conditions that cannot be treated in their local village. The care centre allows these children to stay in a secure environment while being treated, before returning home (where possible). Priority is given to children with severe medical conditions, such as HIV, Cancer, Hepatitis, and Tuberculosis. These children receive educational support, including access to computer and English studies. Opportunities for scholarships for older students are also available to assist them in their pursuit of higher education and a brighter future.

In 2019, the mobile medical clinic and education was supported by an Australian Aid: Friendship Grant in two villages. This included the development of a new mental health education module.

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