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J602 The Umoja Centre.

Africa, Tanzania

Project Description

At Umoja, we believe that young people have a right to lead lives free from poverty, abuse, and exploitation. For a young person to thrive they need a holistic education, good physical and mental health, and dignified livelihoods. We offer essential services to vulnerable Tanzanian youth who we want not only to survive, but thrive. We provide them with the freedom and security needed to become the authors of their own lives.

Key Achievements:

  • 95% of Umoja graduates are in full time employment.
  • Since 2009 Umoja has provided full time, holistic education and welfare services to hundreds of vulnerable Tanzanian youth.
  • Umoja graduates are employed directly by Umoja, fulfilling key roles in the organisation
  • Essential Life Skills knowledge, including sexual and menstrual health and HIV prevention, delivered to over 4000 Tanzanian young people annually.

Our innovative holistic programme fosters healthy, safe, engaged young people who are able to learn and thrive. The programme is designed to build greater self-confidence, nurture skills and talents and empower its participants to gain control over their lives, leading to increased academic performance and meaningful employment. It helps to create leaders for positive change within their communities and wider society.

Umoja aims to break inter-generational cycles of abuse, unemployment, and vulnerability in Tanzania by providing a safe space for young people to express themselves, learn and receive psycho-social and medical support.

This is achieved by providing a safe space and educational opportunities, based out of The Umoja Centre. Whilst our youth are focusing on our alternative system of education, Umoja provides a wide range of pastoral care such as psycho-social and medical support, sports and arts activities. Our holistic approach caters for the young person as a whole, recognising the need to address health issues, provide adequate nutrition and to care for general wellbeing so that the individual can succeed with education and into employment.

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