Off to Africa – what’s in my suitcase?

GDG Projects Department Manager and Board member,  Fe, along with project officers, Josh and Sam, are heading off to Africa this week to monitor some fantastic projects in both Uganda and Kenya. Before leaving we asked Fe, Sam and Josh a few quick questions…

Q:  What interesting things do you have in your suitcase?

Sam:  “Tim Tams—Aussies love our Tim Tams and we always take the opportunity to share this Aussie icon with our partners and friends. I also have a few good books for the 20 hours flying, and of course, my camera.”

Fe:  ”Will probably take some aloe vera gel.”

Josh:  “Some Annual reports and notepads for our partners and some snacks for the flight.”

Fe and Josh have already been to Africa. This is Sam’s first trip. We asked her:

Q: What vaccinations did you have?

Sam: “In addition to the vaccinations I had for travelling in Asia I needed Yellow Fever, meningitis, meningococcal and more malaria tablets!”

Q:  What you are looking forward to seeing?

Fe:  “Our in-country partners and the numerous beneficiaries on the ground.”

Sam:  “This is my first trip to Africa so I am looking forward to experiencing the culture and seeing first-hand how our projects are working to reduce poverty.”

Josh:  “Experiencing the amazing continent of Africa again and, of course, our partners and projects we’re visiting.”

Q: What you are looking forward to eating?

Fe: “The great variety of exotic fruits they have over there.”

Josh: “African bananas–they’re small, but really tasty. . . and a nice big steak when I get back.”

Sam: “’Reliable sources’ say fruit in Africa tastes really good, so I am looking forward to trying the local fruit.”

Q: What you are looking forward to avoiding?

Josh: “Mozzies, turkey bacon in Dubai.”

Fe: “Just the heavy traffic, if possible.”

Sam: “I definitely want to avoid catching the ‘Bali belly’ equivalent, so I always try to be careful about what I eat and only drink bottled water.”

Watch this space for a report and photos of their trip when they get back!