Hope and help in hard places

Good news in Nepal

At Mulpani, six hours from Kathmandu, 1,500 homes collapsed displacing 20,000 people. In Dhuwakot, four hours off-road from Kathmandu, 1,100 homes were destroyed, affecting 16,000. A few days ago Global Development project, Lighthouse Emergency Relief  (J742NR), sent a team of 35 volunteers aiming to assist 280 families with food and shelter. The team was able to reach 2,300 people with food, tents and medical aid. Shortly afterwards, another team of 38 went to the Sindhupalchowk district and were able to help 3,300, whose homes were also demolished.

Since the earthquake the project has distributed 30,000 kilos of rice, 10,000 kilos of beaten rice, 15,000 kilos of lentils and 27,000 packets of noodles. Shelter needs have been met with 5,000 feet of plastic tents provided to 10,000 homeless families, as well as more than $21,000 AUD (1.7 million Nepali rupees) in financial assistance.

This week, 5,000 affected families in the Gorkha, Nuwakot, Sindhupalchok, Helambu, Bara, and Sankhu regions will be assisted.

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Global Development Group currently has three other projects delivering emergency relief in Nepal:

J537R Heartland Emergency Relief Project is located in Kathmandu, the epicentre of the earthquake. Along with providing much needed emergency relief this project is also focusing on structural assessments of buildings, repairs required and counselling for school students, staff and families.

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J863N WFP Emergency Relief Project is a partnership with the World Food Program. This project is aimed at providing much need food to those worst affected by the earthquake. Food is the most urgent of requirements at the moment for the Nepalese people affected.

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J870R Metamorphic Disaster Relief has access to over 80 groups in Nepal via community leaders. Some of these communities are in some of the hardest hit areas. The project has three goals; the first is to provide clean safe drinking water by water filtration, the second is to provide shelter to those that are vulnerable, especially children and the third goal is to provide emergency food supplies.

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Please consider donating to these projects which will provide much needed emergency relief to those that need it the most.

Donations over $2 are tax deductible.  Excess funds may be applied to other approved project activities in the region.