Monitoring Trip: Rwanda & Kenya

In June 2014, Josh Edwards (Project Officer – Africa) had the opportunity to travel to Rwanda to monitor 5 of GDG’s projects. Linking up with 2 of GDG’s Representative Kelly Chisholm (based in Perth ) and Carey Westwood (based in Kenya), it was a great week of visiting and monitoring projects. The trip encompassed many visits to project locations to the south, east and north-west as well as around Kigali passing by the incredible countryside on the way. The first 2 days were spent visiting J507 Child Development Program; the following days included visits to J798 Fruits of Hope Academy; J702 New Hope Homes; J793 Village of Hope and J566N Empowering Rwanda.

The projects visited ranged from a comprehensive program for orphans and vulnerable children, including catch-up schools and vocational training; to a children’s home operating with a special permission from the government; to a village constructed for widows and their children in addition to orphans and child headed households; a trauma rehabilitation program and an Early Childhood Development (ECD) and primary school. While each project was different, they were all managed by amazing and selfless people, passionately serving the poorest of the poor in their community. The team was fortunate enough to visit numerous schools and training centres associated with the projects and meet many beneficiaries that have had their lives transformed by GDG projects.

The GDG team was able to spend time establishing good relationships and strengthening the partnership between GDG and In-Country Partners. Rwanda truly is a fascinating country with incredible people and stunning scenery – what a privilege it is to be able to work with such amazing, inspirational people in a beautiful country!