Is the Syrian crisis over?

No. As the conflict in Syria enters its fifth year causing immense human suffering, there are still a multitude of problems to solve, while millions of Syrians remain in need of food and other assistance.  More than four million people were forced to flee the nation, while 7.6 million have been displaced from their homes inside Syria.

Global Development Group partners with the World Food Program in J807N ‘Syria Emergency Relief Project. This project requires US$25 million each week to meet just the basic food needs of people affected by the conflict.

1.1 million metric tons (=11 cruise ships) of food have been delivered inside Syria since the start of the conflict. 356,000 flatbreads are provided each day at camps in Jordan alone. Stacked up, they would be twice as high as the world’s tallest building!

Despite all the hardship the Syrians haven’t lost hope for a better future. Please view the story of Sundus, the 11-year-old Syrian girl who miraculously survived against all odds:

This project is 100% funded by voluntary contributions. If you would like to donate:

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