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What You Need to Know

1. Global Development Group USA Values Feedback – including Complaints
We love to get feedback and we take complaints seriously. They help us protect our beneficiaries and improve our projects. Anyone can give feedback or submit a complaint – by mail, fax, phone, email or use the form below – but please be genuine, and provide as much info as you can. Within 2-7 days we’ll confirm receipt of your feedback or complaint.
2. What Happens Next?
We’ll work to resolve any issue as quickly as we can. For complaints: we’ll determine within 14 days: the seriousness of the issue, if we need any additional information, and if Global Development Group USA has the jurisdiction to properly investigate the complaint. If so, the ‘investigation’ stage may take up to 30 days and we’ll advise you of the outcome at all stages.

3. Our Mutual Commitment
Facilitating effective investigations and resolutions requires: respect for confidentiality in handling complaints; to respect privacy and not divulge personal details related to complaints, or knowingly put any person, staff member or beneficiary at risk; and to behave in a reasonable, respectful, cooperative and understanding manner. Complaints may be dismissed for conduct deemed to be unreasonable.

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    Note: the above process conforms to our Complaints Handling Policy; this policy is available on request.

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