Have you walked the wall???

Each year, International China Concern (ICC) organises a mammoth walk-a-thon called ‘Walk the Wall’. The walk is 10km long and participants from all over the world sign up, get sponsors and walk, raising money for the many abandoned and disabled children in China.

On Saturday, 2 August, Global Development Group Project Officer, Samantha Robb, joined forces with around 50 others at the Ipswich walk.

Since 2007, supporters around the world have symbolically walked thousands of kilometres more than the Great Wall of China’s 8,850 km, representing overcoming the ‘wall’ of child abandonment in China.

Global Development Group partners with International China Concern in project J282, which works to improve the quality of life of those with disabilities and decrease the mortality rate of children with disabilities through different development programs.

Another Global Development Group representative, Administration Officer, Jessica Corrie, will walk the wall in Brisbane on 5 September. Each dollar raised will help abandoned and disabled children in China overcome the many challenges they face.

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