From doom to destiny

“I feel very happy when I see a child who was once abandoned in the streets, left for dead, rejected, abused and hopeless; now smiling and being part of a loving and caring family, pursuing education and being able to achieve their dreams without limitations or segregation,” says Doctor Charles Mulli, Project J833 ‘MCF Capacity Building and Community Empowerment’, Kenya.

Valerie’s story is one of tragedy and triumph…

She was only seven years old when she visited her relatives in Nairobi with her mother. During her visit there, her uncle and cousin had a disagreement. Later that night, while everyone slept, her cousin set the house on fire, fled, and was never found. Valerie’s aunt and uncle were killed and her mother suffered serious burns.

Valerie’s father, faced with the prospect of caring for a sickly wife and children, abandoned them.

As the eldest child, Valerie had to drop out of school to care for her sick mother and younger brother. Still a young child herself, she had no means of income to provide for them. Her only option was to beg from neighbours for food and many days they would go hungry. The children lacked even the most basic care, access to education, medical aid and were daily exposed to the risks inherent with living on the streets.

Two years later the Mully Children’s Family (MCF) became aware of Valerie’s case. The family finally had a place to call home, and the children, an opportunity to receive an education.

Ten years have passed. Valerie has developed a passion for music that has been nurtured over the years, and she is also a soloist in the choir. Valerie plans to study further and become a journalist believing that one day, together with her vocal talent, she will be an asset in the media industry and give back to her community.

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