Empowered widows break poverty cycle in India

Capacity building is investing in people. Global Development Group projects always seek to grow the capacities of target communities and encourage self-help and sustainable change. Project J865N ‘The Widows Cause Development Project’ is empowering almost 1,100 widows and dependent children in Andhra Pradesh, south-east India.

India is believed to have 40,000,000 widows. Along the coastline of East Godavari fishing is the primary source of income. Under equipped boats and lack of safety equipment leads to a high loss of lives amongst fishermen, creating an abnormally large number of widows in the area.  Project J865N aims to break the poverty cycle in the lives of these needy widows and children through small business opportunities.

Local supervisors identify widows and assess individual needs. After the widows have outlined their ideas the feasibility of their projects and their capacities are assessed.  Widows with a reasonable project are advanced $125 to initially finance their new business and consistently begin to earn $20-$25 per week, easily managing to repay the loan over six months. They usually take two more loans and it usually takes three loans over 18 months to completely break these widows out of the poverty cycle.

“It’s not a handout, but something tangible which also puts the responsibility back on them to make it work.  It gives ownership and a sense of purpose and value to their lives,” says Gay Canham, founder of The Widow’s Cause.

$125 is enough to help put one widow back on her feet. Donations of any amount are welcome.

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