Emergency relief for vulnerable children

Did you know that there are approximately 2 million children in South Africa who have been orphaned by AIDS[1]?

Global Development Group project J826 Funanani exists to provide temporary care for these children and others at risk.

The children are placed in a safe home with a care mother, who is trained to mentor the children, help them with their education and deal with behavioural challenges. During their time with Funanni the children also receive counselling, education and case management.

Each child has an independent development program to assist them to meet their age appropriate physical and emotional development.

Funanani works closely with police and social workers to ensure the best outcomes for all the children in care. The ultimate aim of the project is to find a permanent home for the children whether that be a foster family or other family members who are capable of caring for them.

The Funanani team recently shared a success story about a young boy who has been in their care for 3 years. He has HIV and considerable intellectual challenges. Through care from the house mother the young boy is at a level of development reasonable for his age. The best news is that recently a foster family has been found for him and he is currently in a transition period to be in the families fulltime care. The Funanani project is thrilled that they have been able to help this boy find a new family.

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[1] 2011 Census South Africa