El Nino Emergency hits the Solomon Islands

J861N Saora Community Development Project, Guadalcanal Province,  Solomon Islands

The devastating effects of the extreme ‘El Nino’ drought conditions afflicting the Pacific region have hit hard in the remote Solomon Islands.

Very poor and still rebuilding after floods that claimed many lives in in 2013, the nation is struggling to cope. The Saora College program trains and helps provide locals with resources so that families and communities can become self-sustainable. Locals have learned how to establish sanitation systems including proper toilet facilities, clean water harvesting and reticulation as well as robust dwellings and electrical infrastructure to increase their standard of living.

A chicken farm with approximately 800 chickens, a valuable sustainability and agricultural training project, is now under serious threat. Without assistance and intervention disaster is imminent. Funding received will be used to drill a bore into underground water to provide to not only the entire Saora Community but also to maintain the chicken farm.

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