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Don’t Like PayPal?.

Don’t want to use PayPal?

1) Try Online Bill Pay or post a Check

Note that there are two other donation options available, please check out our Online Bill Pay & Check options.

2) Why did we choose PayPal for Credit Card donations?

For credit card donations, please be advised GDGUSA management have choosen to use PayPal to process donations in the USA in order to reduce costs and complaints over the previous process, to provide for a more timely receipting process, and to maximise the funds available to our development projects around the world.

After researching the feasibility of available options and related infrastructure costs, we have chosen to utilise PayPal as our donation platform for USA donations. Using PayPal for your credit card donations will mean the donations will be processed immediately and automatically (not manually) in US dollars & will go straight to our US office here for allocating & receipting.  This will be much quicker & more cost effective than the previous way of processing credit card donations manually by our Australian Office.

What were the problems with the old system?

  • USA credit card donations were processed in Australia through our sister NGO, GDG.
  • Each USA donation required a manual calculation for the currency conversion from USD to AUD at the day’s rate
  • Accordingly USA credit cards donations were entered manually, by a GDG (Australia) staff member
  • Recurring (monthly) donations could not be established automatically but had to be processed individually manually every month, due to currency rate fluctuations
  • Often there was issues with being unable process USA credit cards in Australia, leading to frustrating delays and communication between GDG, the donor and the donor’s bank in the USA to resolve the issue.
  • USA donors were often subject to additional bank charges, such as
    • overseas transaction fees
    • foreign currency exchange costs, and
    • other unexpected bank charges
  • These donations processed in Australia then had to be transferred monthly to GDG USA so that we could issue receipts to our USA donors
  • Accordingly GDG & GDG USA also experienced additional excessive bank charges & associated costs
  • This also created delays for USA donors to receive their receipts, and
  • Delays before our projects would be notified of project funds available – and receive them on the ground.

Still insist on not using PayPal?

If for some reason you don’t want to donate by PayPal, please acknowledge first that this option has been chosen by management in order to reduce the costs and administration burden of our previous USA donation procedure which processed US credit cards in Australia, through an Australian payment gateway, in Australian dollars.

Before using our Australian donation form through our GDG Australian office, please note that:

  • we request that the minimum donation for this option is $50,
  • the donation amount you enter will be processed in AU dollars (for your tax deductible receipt, your donation will then be converted to the equivalent USD amount based on the rate at,
  • your donation will be processed by GDG Australia on their Australian donation portal,
  • you may be subject to additional bank fees and charges outside of our control,
  • the issue of your USA tax receipt may take up to 60 days or more,
  • funds may not be available to the project for 60-90 days, and
  • the higher costs of this option will result in less funds being available for the project.

If you accept these terms, please click the button below to be taken to our Australian Secure Donation page.

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