Development in Co-operation with Community

Involving the community and taking them on the development journey together is integral to achieving successful long-term outcomes in development projects.

In partnership with Neighbours Aid, project J396 Kitale Family House of Hope (KHFOH) in western Kenya is a great example of such engagement.

In October 2018 a monitoring team of Josh, Peta and Board Member David observed this first-hand when they visited the project in Kitale, Kenya.

The GDG team met with scholarship students and their families and visited the project’s school and residential care programs. Sitting in the homes of some of the scholarship students and hearing of the families’ hardships was heart breaking. In spite of their limited resources these families continue to open their doors to help others – one family even taking in a destitute mother and baby. These families had not taken for granted the support their child had received to attend high school and were invested both in their family and their communities’ needs.

The team also met with the County Children’s Officer Wilfred, head of the department responsible for all child services in the Kitale region. Wilfred shared this feedback on the project:

“The beauty of [KFHOH] is that it not only serves a few beneficiaries but it also has an impact on the community. So when the national officials visited they realised that the organisation has other programs to involve the community. From what they observed KFHOH was actually doing what the organisation intended to do – the interaction with the community was there. When there is harmony from the outside community we know they accept what they’re doing. They don’t want to see the organisation working like an island, the community should be included. …KFHOH are implementing one of the best practices in this area.”

Good development doesn’t just benefit the individual, but involves family and community to see those in need building better lives.