Destiny Rescue featured on Channel 7’s ‘Sunday Night’

Excerpt from report featured on Channel Seven’s ‘Sunday Night’ by Denham Hitchcock; 
Producers: Alex Garipoli, Naomi Shivaraman

On Sunday night, 15 November, Network Seven’s ‘Sunday Night’, uncovered Global Development Group project J280 ‘Destiny Rescue Thailand’s mission to save under-age girls from the thriving $6 billion a year sex industry.

The program showed the dramatic extraction of a 15 year old, involving a full-scale raid on a brothel, a highly complicated and carefully planned operation involving more than 20 undercover police officers. The ‘mamas’ (pimps) and brothel owner are now facing human trafficking charges and will serve jail terms. There were another 10 underage girls working in the same bar.

“It’s a new life for a girl. . .hopefully [it] will be the switching point for her to go from a life of slavery and abuse and horrible things happening to her, to you know, freedom and pursuing some real dreams that she’s had her whole life,” reflected Destiny Rescue founder, former Cairns electrician Tony Kirwan.

Tony started Destiny Rescue in 2001 after becoming aware of the problem while holidaying with his wife and three daughters in 1996. Appalled that huge numbers of Australian men go to South-east Asia to buy children for sex, he determined to do something about it. He has now spent 15 years saving 1300 girls from the same fate, searching bars and clubs five nights a week for under-age girls. Many come from surrounding countries including Myanmar and Laos, often sent by their parents to earn money to support their families.

Once in the safe houses, the girls are allowed to be normal teenagers as well as receive counselling, medical care, education, rehabilitation and vocational training in jewellery-making, hospitality and hairdressing. Destiny Rescue also runs small businesses that provide opportunities for apprenticeships and employment. This is the focus of the Global Development Group project.

As a result, the future becomes bright, filled with possibilities.

BUT, there are still tens of thousands waiting to escape the darkness. . .

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