Cries for help in Syria

The war in Syria has seen 4.6 million people flee to neighbouring countries and beyond, but there are still some 13.5 million people inside Syria who need immediate humanitarian assistance.

More than half the population of Australia (23.7 million), this figure of 13.5 million is more than a statistic. It represents individual human beings whose lives and futures are in jeopardy. Many have lost loved ones, livelihoods and been uprooted from their homes. It represents a generation of children and young people who are living deprived of education and traumatized daily by the horrors of violence they have experienced.  Many continue to live under siege.

Global Development Group partners with World Food Program (WFP) in J807N ‘Syria Emergency Relief Project’. WFP reports that there are currently 500,000 people besieged in 18 different areas in Syria. 85,000 stranded in one besieged area of northern Syria have never been able to receive any assistance.

WFP is the world’s largest humanitarian organisation fighting hunger. It uses over 700 trucks a month to dispatch food and other vital supplies to approximately 1.5 million people across the country. WFP is also aiming to reach 240,000 vulnerable children with additional ready-to-eat supplementary products to treat and prevent malnutrition.

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