Building and changing communities in northern Uganda

Global Development Group and in-country partner Irene Gleeson Foundation (IGF)  have together made an incredible impact on northern Uganda during 2015 through J746 ‘Education and Community Development’ and J747 ‘Health and Wash’ projects.

Last year 3,400 students received a primary education, while secondary and tertiary scholarships were provided to more than 200 students. 540 others learned skills in carpentry, building and tailoring through the vocational training program. IGF also opened the Kitgum Business Institute, providing both Certificate and Diploma level business courses to 60 students. IGF also remains the largest private sector employer in the region with the salaries of 350 staff members supporting families in the community.

The Women’s Maternal Health Centre was also opened during 2015, offering health services for children, staff and local community continue. Future plans include programs to reduce maternal mortality, preventable deaths of newborns and malnutrition in young children.

Project J747 provides equitable access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene for children and communities. Special attention is also given to the needs of girls, women and the vulnerable.

Self-sustainability and local community ownership and capacity are also steadily increasing.

The work of IGF has been significantly affected by the declining exchange-rate for the Australian Dollar over recent months. If you are able to boost the impact of projects J746 and J747, please donate:

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