Beyond the beaches of Bali

Aussies and world travellers alike love the relaxed vibe, warm water, and cheap restaurants found on the Indonesian island of Bali. Beyond the tourist culture, most Balinese people live in close-knit community, within a culture steeped in tradition. Communities are governed by the banjar or village council, which oversees religious and cultural practices including the strong obligation of each individual to contribute to maintain the traditional ways of life.

Despite these admirable attributes of the society, there remain a significant number of vulnerable children who miss out on the vital components of a safe and happy upbringing. When this happens, our partners Yayasan Anak Anak Bali for project J718 Anak Anak Bali Kids stand in the gap for these children.

GDG project J718 in partnership with Yayasan Anak Anak Bali is aimed at improving the lives of orphaned, disabled and other disadvantaged children in Bali. Their programs fall into three categories: medical and education, a care centre, and local community outreach. Children with several medical conditions such as HIV, cancer, hepatitis and tuberculosis are given priority care and education support. The project also brings health and hygiene awareness training, a preventative development strategy reaching out to all orphans in Bali’s 38 registered children’s homes. There are currently 7,600 direct beneficiaries of this important project.

The following impact story highlights the value of Yayasan Anak Anak Bali’s work amongst the children of Bali:

Putu arrived through a request by his grandfather to the local hospital. After his mother passed away, Putu’s father had remarried but sadly his father’s new wife was abusive towards the young boy. Putu’s grandfather could no longer stand by and he asked the doctors for assistance. Putu was removed from his parents care and brought to Bali Kids. Despite having almost no immune system and having received no treatment for his serious health issues, Putu has survived. His health is improving very slowly and his stress levels are now very much reduced having been removed from a terrible situation in his home life. He is now coming out of his shell and socializing with the other children. His health remains challenged, but we do hope for a positive outcome ahead.

*Name changed to protect the child’s identity.

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