20,000 remember Sydney grandmother in Uganda

On Saturday, 18 July, more than 20,000 gathered to remember Irene Gleeson, the Sydney grandmother who died in 2013 after dedicating more than 20 years to helping thousands of Ugandan orphans and war-afflicted children.

Project Officer, Joshua Edwards, represented Global Development Group at the Memorial Day, in Kitgum, Uganda. “It was a huge event that lasted the whole day, including a four-hour ceremony, a five-kilometre charity walk and the opening of the women’s hospital. The most impressive thing was hearing many members of parliament speak about the impact of the work, and the personal tributes from many lives and families changed as a result of Irene’s contribution.”

Global Development Group projects J746 and J747 help reduce poverty in Kitgum and Lamwo districts through primary school education, vocational training, community education via radio; as well as improving the health conditions and quality of life through integrated health, hygiene and sanitation initiatives.