Liberia, Africa: The Response to COVID-19

Recently we have been sharing our partner’s response to COVID-19.

In Liberia, Global Development Group partner with Refuge Place International (RPI) for project J1044N, to focus on improving health outcomes for poor communities located in urban slums and rural areas. The project seeks to reduce the high maternal, neonatal and child mortality rate and making quality health care accessible to all.

RPI continues to open its doors to the public on a daily basis in the midst of Liberia being massively challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic.

RPI has erected a temporary triage to check the temperature of all patients and staff before they enter the main facility, and to regulate the number of patients entering the facility to avoid overcrowding. All patients follow social distancing requirements, wear a mask at all times, and wash hands with clean water and soap before entering the facilities.

RPI’s Community Health Workers are still active and playing an important role in the communities. They have been provided with face masks and hand sanitizer and are maintaining social distancing. The government has implemented a lockdown from 2pm daily, so they are out of the communities by this time.

The project is also contributing to the health of the community by providing sanitary items such as detergents and chlorine. These are used at the main entrance of the community where everybody coming in or out of the community can wash their hands. Community members are also able to access the hand pump at RPI for clean water.

To date there have been no confirmed COVID-19 cases in RPI facilities or target communities.

Many of the pregnant women and mothers with children under five years continue to take advantage of RPI services despite of the fear associated with this pandemic.

The West African Ebola outbreak resulted in the collapse of the Liberian health system and an increase in maternal deaths, yet RPI worked during that time to enable women to give birth safely at the facility. Similarly, RPI is committed to ensuring women are able to receive antenatal care and deliver their babies safely throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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