Our Mission.

GDG NZ / Our Mission

Who are we and what do we do?

“Building better lives for the world’s poorest people”

Global Development Group is a non-government, humanitarian development organisation. Our passion is to provide comprehensive quality management to help achieve development effectiveness, together with our partners, in our aid and development projects and activities around the world.

Established in Australia, Global Development Group now has offices in New Zealand, the USA and Cambodia.

Target development sectors

  1. Capacity-building
  2. Child protection
  3. Community development
  4. Disability
  5. Education and vocational training
  6. Emergency relief and prevention
  7. Environment
  8. Gender equality and empowerment
  9. Micro-enterprise
  10. Social justice
  11. Sustainability
  12. WASH (Water and Sanitation for Hygiene)

For further information about our goals, please click on the link.


We work towards a world where people live free of poverty with the opportunity and the ability to shape their own lives.


Global Development Group exists to relieve poverty in a tangible way and provide long-term solutions through the delivery of quality aid and development projects together with our partners around the world.


  • Partnership – a strong, mutual, working relationship is important to us. We aim to work at building and improving relationship so we can accomplish more in the world together.
  • Integrity, trust and loyalty – these qualities are essential to any successful and lasting relationship or project.
  • Quality – we believe in continually improving all project operations, administration and management and full accountability. We place a strong emphasis on project monitoring and evaluation which is having a significant, long-term impact in the countries where we work.
  • Passion –we value passionate desire to make a difference. It drives us on to accomplish something great even when we grow weary.
  • Teamwork – as with partnership, recognizing and realizing the gifts and abilities of others helps us achieve more.


‘Synergy’ is at the heart of our engagement with our partners, meaning simply that ‘we accomplish more together’. We carefully select and approve our partners, to assist in design, support, implementation, monitoring, reporting and evaluation of our projects. We have a small-scale, grassroots approach to our development projects. In consultation with the local beneficiary community, we seek to ‘start where they are at’, and empower the local community to utilise their existing resources, local knowledge, skills and materials. We seek to help build their capacity for understanding, managing and becoming responsible for the development activities as they become more sustainable.

Annual Report

On request, Global Development Group will gladly mail you the latest Annual Report, free of charge. Simply provide your name and postal details via our contact us page on the website.

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