What do Brazil nuts, cocoa and breaking poverty have in common?

Answer:  Riberalta, Bolivia! … Riberalta, is one of the world’s top Brazil nut production sites, exports world-renowned, high quality cocoa, and is the “Amazon capital” of Bolivia. It is also the location of Global Development Group project J819N ‘Casa Segura’s Children Development Project’, recently visited by Global Development Group Project Department Manager, Fe Luscombe, together with Paula Armstrong, President, Global Development Group, USA.

The project was started by “Mic” from the Sunshine Coast, who gives his life to empowering many disadvantaged and vulnerable children in north Bolivia. He has been able to develop strong partnership-networks with four surrounding local governments that are in strong support of the work, where children are provided with rehabilitation, education, and opportunity. “The project is making great progress and achieving significant outcomes. Project staff members are clearly well-trained and child protection is well-implemented… It’s great to see young people without hope believing in their own futures,” Fe said.  The project is soon to acquire 200 chicks from Brazil to add to its sustainability program.

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