Surfing helps change lives in Mexico

Global Development Group project J731N Mexican Children’s Development is a children’s program with a difference. Disadvantaged children referred by the Mexican government are not only provided with a stable environment, education, health and dental care—they also learn life skills through surfing!

Why develop a surfing program? Surf education is minimal in Mexican communities and many children don’t know how to swim. Coming from a ‘beach background’, Global Development Group project partners, Alan and Pam Skuse have been able to develop unique program that helps children forget their pasts, find confidence and a belief that they can achieve anything.

“When I surf, I don’t have to think about anything except the waves. Not my past, not drugs, not anything. There is nothing like it,” says Jose.

 The project is developing a surf school and club complex, are still currently under construction.  Plans are for the centre to include a surf-club, surf-school, lifeguard services, restaurant, retail outlet and surf repair workshop, generating income and providing vocational training skills and future employment for the children.

The project will also help the local community by seeing cleaner, safer, friendlier beaches and bring more business to the impoverished area.

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