Roseline breaks out of the poverty cycle in Kenya

Roseline is a 42-year-old mother of seven and a hard-working Kenyan farmer who owns one-and-a-half acres of land.

Before 2008 Roseline was too poor to purchase fertilizer and often planted her maize (corn) crop without it. Her maize germination was poor, the leaves would quickly turn yellow, and the stalks were always short and thin. Each year was the same pattern and July’s meagre harvest would run out by December. She could barely earn enough to feed her family.

Desperate to generate a bigger harvest, particularly to have funds to cover school fees for three of her children then commencing high-school, Roseline enrolled in Global Development Group project J687 One Acre Fund’s subsistence farmers’ program, purchased fertilizer and seed on credit and began to attend training.

Roseline’s crops germinated well that season and in her first year the harvest doubled. The following year, she produced another bountiful harvest on more of her land. Her harvests began to last year round!  “I harvest enough to provide for my home needs. I am living a better life than I used to live before,” Roseline says.

Roseline later used her surplus to purchase a goat that produced two kids. She sold two of the goats and was able to pay her children’s school fees.

“I no longer worry about hunger,” said Roseline.

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