Restoring young women and children at risk in South-east Asia

Global Development Group partner, Destiny Rescue, has an extensive network involved with the rehabilitation of young women and children, now operating projects in four countries. During 2015, Project J280 Destiny Rescue, in Thailand, has supported 200 children in their in-village prevention program, and 128 more in residential prevention homes. There are 50 beneficiaries at school or vocational training, and 12 have graduated this year from school or an apprenticeship.

Apart from receiving regular counselling, every day the girls are trained in life skills, Thai language, English language, creative classes, and jewellery-making. Networks of traineeships are being set-up which will enable safe life pathways, including through the Destiny Rescue café, now in operation for one year, where hospitality skills are learned, and a hair-dressing salon.

Global Development Group Project Officer, Craig Tunney, visited the Destiny Rescue hair salon. “We saw four girls in training for a government-approved certificate in hairdressing. The trainers told us that the pre-training in self- esteem was also part of the girl’s development and prepared them for the vocational training school. . . The girls we saw and also those in the jewellery section were quite relaxed and seemed happy and healthy,” he said.

This year Destiny Rescue plans to branch out beyond its successful jewellery production businesses by improving the hospitality and expanding into clothing.  Tony Kirwan, founder of Destiny Rescue said, “Our vision is for 100,000 children to be restored and reintegrated by 2020.” The work of Global Development Group partner Destiny Rescue was also featured recently on ‘The Project’, Ten Network.

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