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J936N Seed Their Need.

Zambia, Africa

Project Description

Seed their Need project is a practical initiative that intends to equip families – mainly women who are considered most marginalised in the society – by way of improving farming productivity. This is achieved by enabling access to quality seeds and other farming inputs such as fertilizer to increase yields and crop quality, as well as technical and practical training in agricultural techniques and strategies. This project will help families grow more food for their own consumption with enough to sell at a competitive price through facilitating easy access to markets and cooperative trading, thus generating income and improving family self-sustainability.

The Seed their Need project will target families that own land in the Chibombo district – a rural part of Zambia with a population of over 1.5 million inhabitants who are mainly engaged in small-scale farming commonly known as subsistence farming. Action for Empowerment (AFE) will play a supervisory role in ensuring guidelines are followed and technical aid will be provided through the district agricultural extension officers that are provided by the government.

The project will ensure beneficiaries are held accountable for the farming inputs they receive and are required to contribute K20 (USD 2) towards the cost of the program. This encourages families to invest in their own future and requires families to commit to the program. Farming inputs are treated as grants which are paid back in terms of produce equivalent to the cost of the inputs, with the remaining produce sales paid back to the farmer as profit. As families progress through this project, they become able to fund the farming inputs themselves upfront from profits and savings from the previous farming cycles, and literally grow themselves out of poverty.

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