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J917N Peuan Mit Transitional Home.

Laos, Asia

Project Description

Our partner Peuan Mit in Laos takes a holistic approach to tackling all issues children and young people face on their path to becoming productive citizens of their country. Issues include the pressure to provide income for family, cheap drugs, and little incentive to complete school or training for employment. In Vientiane and Luang Prabang, Peuan Mit support children and youth living on the streets and in marginalised communities. Peuan Mit work for sustainable integration of children into community, create and run social businesses that support youth with training and employment, and apply the global ChildSafe program in Laos.

Global Development Group‘s Transitional Home project J917N is for short term support of vulnerable children in distress or danger.  This project provides a care facility for youth attending vocational training and courses in hospitality and mechanics. The project also increases access to family reintegration services and employment referral support after graduation from training.

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