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J904N Bali Children Education Scholarship Project.

Indonesia, Asia

Project Description

Bali Children Foundation works in poor agrarian communities in remote Bali. These communities typically show dropout rates from primary school to junior high school in the range 30 – 75%. Some children don’t make it to school at all, some drop out as early as grade 5 in primary school.

Bali Children Education Scholarship discovered that children are more likely to remain in primary and high school if BCF Scholarships are available and direct teaching is accessible. Communities in which we have been active for three years or more have zero primary school dropout rates and are showing close to 90% graduation (from senior high school) rates.

BCF has been successful in these  high dropout districts, by providing direct supplemental teaching and scholarships. BCF conducts “English in the Village” and “Computer in the Village” programs on weekends. Tertiary graduate students teach the classes, in a payback model that builds sustainability.

Districts in the north of Bali, and around Singaraja have responded well to the BCF model. In this phase of Project J904N, BCF will target the poorer community of Melaya, in the west, which may need different kinds of assistance to ensure their development becomes sustainable.

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