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J836NR EHA COVID-19 Emergency Relief Appeal.

India, Indian Subcontinent

Project Description

India is witnessing a surge of a highly infectious strain of SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) second wave which is overwhelming for the government and the people. The coronavirus crisis is torpedoing the economy and burdening the medical infrastructure.

Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA) is a network of 19 rural hospitals spread across 8 States of India covering 19 districts. EHA runs Community development, health, Emergency response, disaster mitigation and research projects in 9 States covering 34 districts.  The second wave has caused a sudden surge of critically ill patients affected with COVID-19, which requires immediate intense medical care and socio-economic support to the marginalised communities. EHA is looking for institutions, partners and individuals who can provide financial support for any of the following:

  1. Purchase of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits for our hospital staff
  2. Patient monitors
  3. Medical Oxygen plant and oxygen storage unit for our hospitals
  4. Oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators
  5. Provision of life-saving medicines for patients who cannot afford or are unable to access medicines
  6. Food for patients and primary carers in Hospital
  7. Psychosocial care to the patients, their relatives and communities
  8. Monthly supply of dry-ration and hygiene kits or financial help through a Cash transfer programme to the economically poor in catchment communities
  9. To strengthen livelihood through skill building and cash transfer
  10. Information, Education and Communication materials for COVID-appropriate safety communication to the public

Credit Card Giving

Direct Deposit Giving:

Step 1:

Commonwealth Bank Australia
Global Development Group
BSB: 064118
Account No. 10200094

  • Ongoing regular deposits need to be arranged with your bank.
  • Please ensure you include the Donor’s initials (i.e. J. Smith) & Project number (J836NR) in the description of the direct deposit – this will show on our bank statement & ensure identification.

Step 2: Email us your donation details
Email your donation details to:

The donation details we need are:-

a) The name & address of the donor
b) The amount, date of the donation & frequency e.g. monthly or once off
c) Project number- J836NR

Any queries please contact:

Dr. Saira Paulose, Executive Director, Emmanuel Hospital Association


Mobile: +91 8986988191



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